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The Movement is Coming to Pennsylvania 


Our bootcamp will bring the organizing strategies, learning methodologies, and national & local network of Movement School to Pennsylvania. Made in collaboration with several partners across the state, we've ensured all content is relevant to run winning progressive campaigns across in PA. 


Our PA Bootcamp will contain three session blocks per day with multiple sessions running simultaneously. Participants can “choose their own adventure” and attend whichever topics are most relevant to them. This bootcamp will be in Harrisburg, it is 100% FREE and has a space for all levels of campaign staff to attend. Deadline to apply is September 7th.  

Key dates:

  • September 7th - deadline to apply

    • registrations are accepted on a rolling basis so apply EARLY to guarantee your spot!

  • September 10th- Day 1 at 10am 

  • September 11th - Day 2 at 10am


Who Are We

Comprehensive Sessions

Each day has several options for you get a deep dive into all aspects of electoral campaigns. This includes: data, comms, field, campaign management, fundraising, and more!


Community Building

The Bootcamp will not only build your skills and give you the confidence needed to win your campaign, but also foster a tight-knit community to share and build with organizers from across the state and meet the needs of the movement in 2022 and 2023. 

Our trainings will build your skills to run effective, winning campaigns. 

We are working in close partnerships with local progressive organizations and developing a series of training sessions with some of the best organizers across the state to make sure you feel confident going into this last stretch. 


From grassroots fundraising, to field organizing, to digital ads, we got you covered on all the tips and tricks needed to help give you and your campaigns an edge this election season. 

Here is a sneak peak at some of the training sessions being offered: 

Scaling up your campaigns 

Deep canvassing

DIY Digital Ads 

Creating your campaign ad

What the F*eld: Building your field plan 

How to build an inclusive target universe

VAN 101 & 102

Rapid response digital content

Grassroots fundraising & campaign budgeting 

How to find your campaign voice 


Investing in PA & Developing Campaign Staff

Earlier this year, progressives celebrated a major win in Pennsylvania, where we saw Summer Lee  overcome a deluge of outside money and successfully primary a two-decade incumbent securing her nomination as PA-12’s  Democratic candidate for the upcoming general election. We have a real opportunity to reign in more progressive wins and make history that will impact not only the future of Pennsylvania but the country as a whole.


We are recognizing the unique opportunity to dismantle oppressive powers and elect working class champions who will apply new practices that build equity, dignity, and justice for our most vulnerable communities. 


Whether you're a current staffer, an aspiring staffer, organizer, or community leader --  we need you and we have the place for you! 

Check out our local partners! 

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