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Building the
next generation of organizers.



We aim to translate activist power into political power by changing how we develop campaign leadership. Headlined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York City, a handful of 2018 campaigns pushed the boundaries of what anyone believed was possible in grassroots campaigning. They excelled by mobilizing volunteers in disciplined teams, by integrating new tech tools and aggressive digital strategies, and by harnessing bold, unapologetic messaging across all facets of their campaigns.


We need to build on this momentum — we need to build the next generation of organizers. 




Working class leaders and a powerful progressive infrastructure that will help deliver the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the end of mass incarceration. scoring political victories at all levels.


More campaigns are run by key staff and volunteers who are queer, women, BIPOC, working class, and young people, all with high-level capacity to run the best campaigns the world has ever seen. 


Our organizers help the progressive movement empower the voiceless in creating a vision for the future, gain the political power to achieve that vision, and become a unifying engine for positive change.

Innovation Labs

Our knowledge-hub, where we share and distribute the most exciting innovations in the field of elections and movement building, through webinars, videos, and written resources.


Weekend long intensive in campaign skills to prepare for an upcoming election cycle, sometimes oriented around a specific focus like GOTV. 

Campaign Fellows

Campaign simulation program for leaders who have experience and are ready to advance into director-level positions. This program is broken up into 5 tracks (Campaign Manager, Comms, Field, Digital, Fundraising) where students experience a deep dive in their role. Students work together in teams containing members of each track to design real campaign plans. 

National & Regional Campus

Train emerging leaders in a variety of disciplines to run effective and strategic campaigns to win elections and key issues. This program is designed as a certificate program, where students enroll in 1-2 courses on distinct topic areas.

Regional Campus is similar to National Campus but with a deeper focus on developing community and relationships within a specific city or state.  


One election was never going to fix everything wrong with our country. Today, we must continue organizing. Organize to make sure every vote is counted. Organize to build a just and equitable future. Organize to save our lives. The people will win.

— Congresswoman Cori Bush, MO-1

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