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Who Are We

What is Innovation Lab?

Innovation Lab is a platform to share and distribute the most exciting innovations in the field of elections and movement building. We bring together leaders and experts who have pushed the boundaries of what campaigns and organizing can do - from local to national, from elections to winning transformative policy. By learning from the best strategies, tools, data, and practices, we can redefine the way campaigns are run and won. 

Upcoming Events

  • Feburary 9th - Changing the Game of Voter Contact: Relational Organizing at Scale

    • We’re kicking off our launch with experts from the Bernie Sanders and Jon Ossoff campaigns on how they harnessed the power of relationships to supercharge their voter outreach programs. Sign up to learn their hard-won lessons and walk away with the practical skills needed to build a successful relational organizing program. 

    • Time: 7-9p ET 

    • Register:

Resource Library

Click here to access our Resource Bank - a clearinghouse of resources, articles, recordings, templates, guides, and more. 

Suggestion Intake: 

Have an in innovative idea you want to share? Suggest a topic to us! 

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