Campaign Fellows Program



The mission of Movement School is to cultivate leaders and organizers to fight on behalf of their working class communities by providing tools and resources to advocate for justice, achieve innovative, locally-driven solutions to key issues, and mobilize grassroots engagement in the democratic process. We created the Campaign Fellows program to train some of those leaders for a specific purpose: to run - and win! - grassroots political campaigns.

Led by some of the best minds in progressive politics, Movement School’s Campaign Fellows program will prepare fellows to lead political campaigns to victory all across the country. Our unique model - a 10 week, at distance program, all structured around an intense campaign simulation - challenges fellows to learn and apply the best tools and strategies in progressive politics. Our fellows come from all walks of life, sharing one key thing in common: they are driven to build political power for the progressive movement by running the most badass campaigns this country - nay, this world - has ever seen.

Woman speaks at the Movement School kickoff event in the Bronx

Core Topics

Icons for Leadership, Field, Comms, Finance, and Digital

Sample sessions

Icon for Understanding your Electorate
Icon for Digital Security
Icon for Campaign Culture
Icon for Democracy and Crisis in America
Icon for Integrating Technology
Icon for Being a Comms Director
Icon for Unionizing Campaigns
Icon for Campaign Budgeting