It is time to build a political voice for NYCHA tenants. Are you ready to Reclaim your power?


What are we Reclaiming?

In New York City, Movement School is piloting a local approach to building power for marginalized communities by amplifying a political voice for public housing (NYCHA) tenants. This dynamic leadership development program will equip tenant leaders - Reclaim Fellows - with the tools and resources to organize their neighbors against injustice and win the power to build an inclusive and prosperous future for families living in public housing.


Our mission

The program will center and elevate the voices of NYCHA tenants, create a space for coalition building to catalyze systemic change, and propose innovative community solutions to tackle issues from the racial wealth gap to the climate crisis. Reclaim will cultivate movement leaders that will fight tirelessly for true representation for public housing tenants at every level of government, from tenant associations to Congress.


Program Overview

Reclaim will run for 12 weeks from September to November 2019, and will be broken up into four phases: Movement Origins, Organizing 101, The Leader in Me, and Feet to the Fire. The first three phases will be a series of interactive training sessions followed by assignments that will form the building blocks of the organizing project each Reclaim Fellow will launch during the final phase and continue post-program. Our hybrid program will host sessions in person and online in the evenings and on the weekends. Learn more…


Reclaim NYCHA!

As the largest public housing authority in the country, NYCHA tenants should be leading the housing rights movement. PERIOD.